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Prescription sunglasses
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Prescription Sunglasses: How to Buy Them

The experience of shopping for prescription sunglasses is very different from the process of purchasing ordinary sunglasses of the rack. You need to be fitted with the right lenses, and your choices of styles can be limited especially if the shop you're buying from doesn't specialize in cutting prescription lenses.

Look for a manufacturer that can handle the service you're looking for - that is, to have tinted prescription lenses fitted onto the frame of your choice. Make sure that they have been doing this for a long time, as certain jobs can be quite difficult, ending in breakages.

Although they won't make you pay for lenses that they break during the cutting process, it would be inconvenient to have to go back to the shop only to find out that the prescription sunglasses you ordered aren't available yet.

The first thing you have to do after you find the right manufacturer or shop is to have your eyes checked. They can take your current eyeglasses and simply get its measurements, but it would be best if you subject yourself to a check to ensure that your measurements are still current. This service is usually free of charge, especially if you are a prospective prescription sunglasses client.

Once they have your record, the salesperson will allow you to scan the prescription sunglasses they have on sale and answer any questions you may have. He or she can suggest which frames would look good on you and which ones are appropriate for your measurements.

This is because there are certain frames that are difficult to fit with prescription lenses, such as the wrap frames. The extreme curve they have requires sophisticated machines that would prevent breakage durring cutting and eliminate unslightly lenses that protrude from the prescription sunglasses frame.

You can also order prescription sunglasses directly from manufacturers, such as Oakley or Maui Jim. There is no use buying these designer sunglasses and taking them to a shop to have prescription lenses fitted onto them, as the lenses originally used on them are high quality. They actually comprise a big percentage of the price you pay for a pair, so there's a lot of sense in having prescription sunglasses custom-made for you.

There are sites which offer complete services, such as You are asked to click on a brand you want, and the available models will be shown to you. You then need to indicate whether you want an ordinary pair or prescription sunglasses. If it's the latter, you are led to a page where you can input your prescription.

First, you'll find a drop-down menu for the type of lens you want for your prescription sunglasses. There's single vision which has no additional costs, lined bifocals for $40, and no-line bifocals for $90.

Their website also enables you to choose the lens material you want for your prescription sunglasses. The most affordable lens material for prescription sunglasses is plastic, while the priciest is called "ultra high index." This costs about three times that of plastic.

Next, select the type of timt you want for your prescription sunglasses. There are certain tints which are added free, such as amber, brown, grey, vermillion, or yellow, and some which you have to make an additional payment for, such as AR anti-reflectives and transition tints.

You'll also need to shell out a few more dollars (about $60-$100) to get a mirror or anti-reflective coating.

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